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Partner Karen Hart and Associate T.J. Hales Explore Cannabis and Cannabis Derived Product Regulation Across U.S. for Legalink

Bell Nunnally Partner Karen L. Hart and Associate T.J. Hales authored 10 states in the USA chapter of the Legalink guidebook “Cannabis Regulation and Cannabis Derived Products.” They break down state law for cannabis and cannabis derived products in California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Nebraska, Louisiana, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington, looking at the following issues:

1) What regulatory frameworks are relevant to medical and recreational cannabis and the cultivation, manufacture, distribution etc. of cannabis and cannabinoids in the state?

2) What are the regulatory challenges in allowing the medical and recreational use of cannabis and cannabinoids in the state?

3) What regulatory frameworks are relevant for the cultivation, manufacture and supply of medicinal and recreational cannabis products in the state?

4) Which body is responsible for legislative controls relating to CBD?

5) Is there any possibility to commercialize CBD products without a Novel Food approval or medicinal product marketing authorization in the state?

6) What are the testing specifications in the state for determining the compliance of CBD with regulatory requirements (i.e. what are the testing specifications for determining the purity and/or level of any controlled substances in CBD?) and what documentation or evidence would need to be submitted to the regulatory authority in this regard?

7) Are there any regional limits on the quantity of CBD that can be purchased or imported?

Legalink is a non-exclusive, international legal Network of over 70 independent business oriented law firms with members from the majority of the world’s main commercial centers. Its membership includes more than 3,500 legal professionals and Bell Nunnally is one of only seven Legalink member firms in the U.S. and the only firm in Texas. The network is now composed of more than 3,500 legal professionals.

To read the Legalink guide “Cannabis Regulation and Cannabis Derived Products,” please click here.


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