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As late as 2014, my company had had the good fortune of never having a significant legal matter since its inception nearly 20 years prior. As the business grew, it appeared that simply adhering to our core values and utilizing well-drafted agreements kept us out of harm’s way.  Unfortunately, as any businessperson knows, there are certain individuals who don’t always conduct themselves by the same values.  As our company celebrated its 20-year anniversary, we found ourselves in our first arbitration with a former senior executive — on a bet-the-company kind of case.  His lawyer did his level best not only to try to defame our business practices, but to attack me personally as well.  Though the accusations were patently false, having not been through an experience such as this, I found it a horrifying position to be in.   I was fortunate to find Jay Wallace and Ross Williams of Bell Nunnally to represent my company and me in this matter.   Jay and Ross educated me well as navigated me through the process, and it was a pleasure to watch as they thoroughly dissected and discredited the opposing counsel's case.  We won on every issue.  I would recommend both Jay, Ross, and Bell Nunnally without hesitation.

- Jason Craven, President and CEO, Southern Botanical, Inc.

It is easy to find lawyers. It is difficult to find truly trusted counsel. Ross Williams and the attorneys at Bell Nunnally are those rarer beasts. They take time to understand their client’s business and support it, and for me, they value the long term relationship over the first transaction. 

I have engaged Ross and Bell Nunnally for over seven years, and have never hesitated in recommending them to my friends for their corporate, entrepreneurial, or personal matters.  Their services are extensive, their lawyers are best in class, but the ethos of the Firm is what brings me back time after time.

Lawyers have a tendency to want to go to court regardless of circumstance.  That’s a short term view.  Ross and Bell Nunnally work with you from the outset to ensure that the chances of court proceedings are dramatically reduced.  That’s the difference with a long term relationship. 

To me, this is simple: over the last seven years Ross and Bell Nunnally have demonstrated to me time and again that they are a top tier firm that I can trust to act in my best interests, no matter the circumstance.  Their lawyers are my confidants, conscience, and friends.  I don’t know any other law firm where I actually enjoy going to their offices. 

You can absolutely pay higher fees in Dallas, but you absolutely won’t receive better counsel or service.

- Ian Dailey, Chief of Staff, Linking the World

We have worked with Ross over five years as our legal counsel. As a Big/Small company, we need accurate/fast solutions for a wide range of potential situations. Ross has the ability to interpret each scenario to provide suggestions and involve key members of his team on how to proceed with our best interest at the core of the solution. I recommend Ross to anyone looking for an ad hoc legal counsel that will be a part of your organization, rather than a vendor.

– Patrick Donlin, CEO, Heartland IT Consulting, LLC

I have an earned doctorate in education and own a unique and growing service company in the higher education sector that began in late 2010. I came to know Ross Williams (no relation) through one of my key employees and immediately trusted him, hiring him to counsel and advise me on both business and personal matters over the past five-plus years. Because of my business's unique nature, providing colleges and universities across the United States with distance education teaching assistants in online classrooms, Ross has exceeded my expectations at every turn, giving me a great deal of needed confidence as a first-time business owner, while making me feel supported as part of the larger Bell Nunnally family of attorneys and counselors. We've dealt with a wide variety of matters, including patents and copyrights, business to business negotiations, business board matters, forming strategic partnerships, business continuity, and the possible eventual sale of my company. As a scholar, I find that Ross Williams is a like-minded researcher, doing due diligence to ensure he understands every problem 360 degrees. He is a brilliant thinker, and while knowledgeable about a wide variety of legal topics, Ross never hesitated to bring in other experts and senior attorneys within Bell Nunnally to compliment and better support me in some very important and considerably delicate matters relative to allowing me the freedom to fully own, protect, and expand my business. On a personal level, I consider Ross a friend and someone I implicitly trust to give me the best possible advice and counsel. I find him to be unsurpassed in integrity, honor, work ethic, and relationship building. As such, I give Ross Williams my highest recommendation.

– Dr. Robert F. Williams, President, Instructional Connections, LLC